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Are staplers all the same?

Do you think "Staplers are all the same"?


You are wrong at that point!


As staples have same shape as before, staplers are also thought that they have same function as before. But they are evolved at all times.


When you are worrying about "Though I only wantted to remove the staple, the paper got hurt! :(", "When removing staples, I hurt my fingers! :(" or "Because I don't want to get hurt, I usually chop off the corner of the documents.", there is an useful tool, called "remover".


If you are worrying about "When the documents are volumious, one side which is stapled is taller...", there is an useful stapler, called "flat-clinch stapler". The staples are folded flat, not round.


Do you think "When stapling volumy documents, staples get yield.." ? Maybe your stapler is old-fashioned! Newer stapler don't yield to right or left. It needs light force.





Gee, though I push straight,

the staples get yield..


Using "remover", free from hurt.


1. before inserting...


2. insert it!



3. push it!


4. view from front



5. staple is removed



6. note that the hole remains small

To remove the staples, "remover" is useful. I have a stapler whose hip is remover.


But this stapler has weak at stapling, I recommend a stand-alone "remover", not "stapler with remover". (I introduce you one in the bottom of this page)


How does it remove the staples is shown in the left pictures.


Exploiting the arch of the staple, the holes aren't expanded after removing the staple. This technology is commendable. I think it's cool.



* Just to tell you, as this remover is made for the staples of arch shape, you can not enjoy the 100% merit for the following "flat-clinch stapler".



I think it's great work! "Flat-Clinch Stapler" from MAX.

MAX, the stationary maker has a great work of stapler. This "Flat-Clinch Stapler" is the best stapler as far as I know.


The binded staples are flat, not arch, is the main feature of this stapler. In addition, I like the sense of stability and pleasant touch in stapling.


I can't explain about "sense of stability" or "pleasant touch" in movies and pictures. I can't with words neither, but I can say about the sound and texture is different in usual staplers and this stapler.

Usual ones have subtle dissonant sound, and it make my ears and hand a little unconfortable, but this stapler has sound irreducible minimum sound and I feel like it does a good work.


Therefore, power needed in pushing it is little, and I recommend you especially if you need to push many times in each day.


Stability achieves that the staples seldome yield. I had experienced the yielded staples in old staplers, not one or two times, but I haven't experience yield in the flat-clinch stapler.


By the way, I am interested in the fact that, if we don't realize the detail, each technology is being evolved.



The look is also cool.

It doesn't look cheap.




right side: general stapler (round tips)

left side: flat-clinch stapler (flat tips)




Talking about stapler in YouTube.


You can buy ones, in Amazon.

Flat-clinch stapler is available in Amazon site. I couldn't find the "stapler with remover", but stand-alone "remover" is also available in Amazon.


If you haven't minded about the staplers, try it!



MAX "Flat-Clinch Stapler"





Sun-star "remover"





I show that Flat-Clinch stapler of MAX is the best solution among the staplers. In addition, I introduced unique tool, "remover" in this page.




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