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26/30 holed punch for loose-leaf

Why loose-leaf?

If you bind hands-out of the lectures, printed document from PCs and report-pad written with hand in 1 file, we usually punch it by 2 hole and keep it in the 2-hole binder.


But this "2-hole" has a probrem that, especially when the contents get volumious, the holes are easy to break. When a document has any breaks, the motivation to keep it tidy falls down and the treatment for the file left rough, as is often the case.


Especially if the paper has no alternate, it's pretty shocking when it breaks and teared.


I heared foreign countries have a good solution for this problem, that is, "3-holes" or "4-holes" punch in Europe and US.


But this "3-holes" and "4-holes" doesn't have mass appeal. So if you look for a neat designed 3-holes binder in stationary shop, you can only find out 1 kind binder (and it's awfully business-like and not casual), or even no binder.


But japanese has a cool solution, you know, the "loose-leaf".


Loose-leaf has 26-holes in B4 sized paper and 30-hole in A4 sized paper. It's enough tough not to be torn and break, because the papers get aligned, and each load for the hole is layed off. I don't know who created this standard, but I think he does a pretty good job.


punch holes


variety of the punch


Most Japanese may say "Punch means make 2 holes on the paper, I don't know for other numbers of hole."


So I always get disappointed when I enthusiastically talk about 26-holes punch, because they even don't know the exsistense nor necessity.


But, in fact, many people see ones in the stationary shop. Because they have strange shape or they are packed in the box, most people don't realize them as punches and go through. You can find ones in some large stationary stores.


Other people, if they have seen it in the internet shopping, such as Amazon, they wonder how to use it and not driven to buy ones.


There are 3 kind of 26-holes punch. One is like general punch, and you can punch 26-holes in 1 shot by using it. As this type is a little high prise, I don't introduce it in this page. I introduce other 2 types of punch, "Gauge punch" and "Glisser".


"Gauge punch" has a tiny sized punch and you punch 5 times to create 26 holes. The guide is included in the package and you punch the paper along the guide to make holes in proper position.


"Glisser" has a interest mechanism. You can punch 26 holes in 1 stride, by sliding a punch unit. I think you feel brisk when you use it.


As it's not easy to imagine in text explanation, I shot a movie and you can see the movies below.


I also used to withhold to purchase because I can't imagine how to use it. See the movie and it's pleasure if you are interested in the punch.




multi-hole punch "Gauge punch NEO"


multi-hole punch "Glisser"


They are available in Amazon!

You can buy both products in Amazon. Gauge punch is about $20, and Glisser is about $80. If you think it's too expensive for a stationary, you can select Gauge punch. Otherwise, I strongly recommend Glissor.


As far as I went around, Amazon shows us lower prise than real shop about this products. (You needn't go real shop because usually multi-holes punch is packed in the box, and you can't see and use it by hand.



multi-hole punch "Gauge punch NEO"





multi-hole punch "Glisser"





If you don't want your documents get tore in the punch hole, I recommend you a multi-hole binder. Though most people don't know, there is some kind of punch for the multi-hole binder.

My favorite multi-hole punch is "Glisser", because it can make 26 holes in 1 stride. It feels brisk!


Enjoy filing with multi-hole binder, from tomorrow!




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