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The sticky note good for reading books.

Post-it compact one is good sticky note for reading book.

There is various type of sticky note. Post-it is defacto standard of sticky note in Japan. There also is various type of post-it. So users have various way as well as various type of post-it.


Among them, a good sticky note should have features below:

  • Enough slim for us to discriminate where it indicates.
  • Enough sticky not to be removed when flipping pages.
  • The pile can be sticked on the back cover or attached to the book cover.

A sticky note made of paper tends to be removed if it is slim. So my favorite sticky note is film-like one.


The post-it of my favorite has vivid colors. So when you read books, you can discriminate important quote, usual quote, or unknown words or so.

* Notice that you shouldn't keep the rule tight, because if you do so "important" color tends to be left and other colors tends to be short.


And it can be clipped on the book cover, see the picture on right side.












Utilize the paper sticky note.



This size suits for writing on.




Stick onto back-side of clear files.




Sometimes, someone do so.

I prefer film material sticky note when I'm reading books and tagging the sentenses. But when I want to leave memos onto the books, I prefer paper ones.


If you use sticky note as labels for clear files, you'd better stick onto backside of the clear files. If you stick onto the top side, it is easy to be removed, and if you stick onto the papers inside, it is hidden when you add some papers.



And, this may be none of my business, I sometimes see someone keep his personal note, TODOs, schedule or so, around the display of the PC. In addition, it's piled and the sticky around the display looks lion hair. I think it's quite risky that he keeps such important things. It's easy to be removed!




Talking about the post-it.


It is NOT available in Amazon nor Real shop.. But Rakuten sells it.

I usually buy products on Amazon. But the post-it is not available in Amazon, although I send an e-mail to the shop and request to sell this product. :(


So when I find out some shop sells them, I buy in bulk. But less and less shops sells them.. Gee.

Sekaido doesn't sell them and most of Office-Depot are closed!


So I reluctantly buy them in Rakuten.


* Why I'm reluctant to use Rakuten, I don't like the Rakuten style of commercial. In other words, I don't want any commercial mail. So if it is available in Amazon, I'll buy on Amazon, and change the link, too.




Post-it, flag, transparent, compact (3M)





Post-it, 75mm x 75mm, yellow





For reading books, I recommend the "Post-it, flag, transparent, compact" because it's slim and hard to be removed. And for writing memo, I recommend paper type Post-it.


If you leave the words you don't know or phrase you are interested in because you are not on desk, let's start sticking the post-it and review the contents back home!




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