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Information Card

Information card? What is it?

These days, I keep a memo onto "information card", everyday, everywhere, so that I won't forget the volatile memories.


Information card is a thin paper like business name card. There's variety of size of cards. I prefer using 5 x 3 inch size ones, because it fits into my pocket.


Former, I used to keep memos into memo book(write and peel off style) or ring-note, but it haven't continued.


The reason why it haven't continued is like below. Maybe, because memo papers are so thin, and when they are apart into each leaf, I nearly, unawarely, trash them when I clean the room. In addition, thin papers and ring-note deformed in my pocket (under my hip).


I also try to keep memos into mobile phone, my typing speed is so low that I forget things while typing letters. That I can't draw diagrams into mobile phone is problem for me.

iPhone's flick-interface looks good and it's more useful by using handwriting application. But in Japan, it is problem for me that Softbank is the only cell-phone carrier. I don't like Softbank.


For any sake, I end up using "information card" for casual memo. I take adequate bunch of cards, clip it and bring it in my pocket. "Ideas in my pocket", haha.








always memos in your pocket




It's thin enough

to write having the memo

in your hand


Talking about information card on YouTube.


It's available in Amazon.

Stationary makers such as "Correct" and "LIFE" provide information cards. I prefer one of "Correct", because paper is thick. So I introduce the link of "Correct" products.


If you can't decide solid color or sectioned in 5mm square, I think you'd better try both. If you order 1 or 2 package, you have to pay shipping charge. So I recommend you to order 10 or so packages so that you can get off the shipping charge. (you may say mind my own business :P)

* As I ordered 10 packages, there is a pile in the picture. :)




Information Card 5x3 (Solid) C-531




Information Card 5x3(Section) C-3532





I mentioned "Information Card" is useful for casual memos.


It is said that your brain works well while you are walking. Shall we start custom to keep logging our top of our head in walking? (Notice you should stop a while to write onto the card!)



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