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trivial tips for using mag-lite

I learn a tips for using mag-lite from a book "Delicious Lighting".


You know, mag-lite is lit on by rotating the head. If you continue rotating the head, the head is off the body.


Putting the head apart from the body to the opposite side of the body ...


It lights the room like a candle!


Thank Hiroyasu Shouji, the writer of the book, for telling me the interesting tips.




mag-lite is a handy light.




But if you put it like this,

It light the room like a candle!



I'll show you how do it looks in YouTube.


It's available in Amazon.

You can buy both the mag-lite and the book.


I think no one buy one only to try the tips, but mag-lite is useful when you look into dark and small spaces such as inside the PC box. So if you don't have one, try it.


The book "Delicious Lighting" shows the tips about lighting, including this tip. You can enjoy the lighting artifice, as a matter of course, you can enjoy a beautiful pictures.







delicious lighting


"Delicious Lighting" (Hiroyasu Shouji)





A tip about "Surprized in using a mag-lite!".

It's written in the book "Delicious Lighting", and I recommend a book rather.




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