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Light Dimmer

Upgrade your general glow-lights gorgeous like the lights in the hotel!

This tips is also introduced in the book, "Delicious Lighting".


"Light Dimmer" makes your general glow-lights into gorgeous ones. What makes them look like gorgeous one is, smooth brightness control. All you have to do is attach the "light dimmer" between the light plug and the outlet.


I've thought that light which we can control the brightness count a high price. But you can make a general, low price light controllable, using the light dimmer.





How do I attach it?



How to attach.

(the left is light, the right is dimmer.)

* It's hard for me to diacritical pronunciation, light, right...





It's attached!



I mentioned "All you have to do is attach the "light dimmer" between the light plug and the outlet.".


In case you can't imagine the scene (sorry for my poor english..), I'll show you the pictures how to plug it. Usually you may plug the light directly into the outlet. As shown in the pictures on left side, attach the dimmer plug (white one) between the light plug (transparent one) and the outlet (on the wall).


Hey, it's simple ;)




Here's the movie I just use and introduce it.


It's NOT available in Amazon... But you can buy it on Rakuten.

You can buy the dimmer of rutron on Rakuten shopping site. The book "Delicious Lighting" is available in Amazon.


I usually buy products in Amazon, but Amazon doesn't have a rutron dimmer now (2009/09), so I show the Rakuten link.





Light-dimmer of Rutron



delicious lighting


Book "Delicious Lighting" (Hiroyasu Shouji)





Using "Light-dimmer", you can control your light brightness.


Sometimes it helps you relax in the room. Another time it helps you fall asleep by gradation.




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