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Book clip, which keeps the book open.

I want to read a book on cafe, but scone on right hand, coffee on left.

The "book stand" is convenient to keep a book open. But you may not very comfortable if you bring it outside or use it in cafe table.


If you feel so, use "Book Stopper". Books stopper is a clip just keep the book open, but compact and handy.


It is made by abacus maker. It's interesting.


I shot the movie how to use it, as usual.




It's just a clip with a weight.




Talking about the clip to keep a book open.


It's available in Amazon.

It's available in Amazon.


You can buy it by 1 piece. But I recommend you buy 2 pieces. Because some book, especially thick book can't be kept open by 1 piece.




Book Stopper





I introduced "Book Stopper", which keeps a book open.


If you think, "Book stand does not suit for outside use. But I want to keep the book open on outside!", the book stopper will help you a lot!




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