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Book stand

What's "book stand"?

Book stand is a tool that keeps a book open and stand.


Keeping a book by book stand, your hands are free. So you can type memos on the PCs or write into the note studying with workbook.


Because it stands, it helps you free from stooped attitude. So it's good for your spine and your health.


If you want to try it in the shop before buying, it's difficult for you because you look fishy when you open the bag and pick up your book, try bookstand by your book put in the book into the bag again, and another size of book ...

So I'll show you the movie in which I show you the features below :

  • How it looks in using various size of books.
  • How to adjust the angle.
  • How it looks when you fold and put in the bookshelf.


See it.





How it looks standing the book.




I introduce you the book stand.


It's available in Amazon.

The bookstand I'm using is the "Book Stander" by CARL. It can be folded into thin size.

If you read thick books such as technical books, the "Book Stand" by ELECOM helps you firmly keep the book open.


The ELECOM one can hold the book stable because it's bottom is leaned (thus, parallel to the book's bottom) and the bars which hold the book are also parallel to the book.


The CARL one is compact sized and has humble look. It prefer CARL one and have 1 in my room, 1 in my office desk.



"Book Stander" by CARL





"Book Stand" by ELECOM





I introduced book stand.


If you have thought of "I wanna work having the book open.", you'd better try it!

You may think, "Why I haven't use it? (that's because you haven't known the existense.. :P )"




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