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A5 size, loose-leaf binder.

Why A5 size?

I think A5 is proper size. It's compact enough to be brought to meetingroom and used as casual note for studying / ideas.


A4 and B5 is a little big for me to bring casually.


The most used paper size for printing in office is A4. If you print 2 pages per 1 sheet (most printer can print like this, it's eco-style!), you can fold it and it turned to A5 size.


My favorite binder does not look cheap and not gorgeous, it's humble and favorable. I think ones made with plastic material looks pretty and I loke them, but it is not fit for adult male and office. Anyway, I like unpretentious.




its size is A5




Size is compact.

Ring is properly small, too.



Talking about binder.


It's available on Amazon.

A5 size binder is available on Amazon.


... oops, the 5mm section paper is sold out now. Another type of paper is available but my favorite is this one, so I remain the link of my favorite, waiting for arrival.


Binder is OK.




A5 loose-leaf binder





A5 loose-leaf 5mm section





I mentioned compact (A5 size) binder for loose-leaf is useful.




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