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It's wrong if you think "Stapler is all the same". Stapler of MAX is make us confortable and the staple-tip is flat.

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multihole punch

Multi-hole punch

If you want to use loose-leaf, japanese culture(?), not only notebook but also printed documents, try multi-hole punch!

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multi-hole binder

Multi-hole binder

A5 size is good for memo because the size is not too big and not too small. Using multi hole punch, much ability is given.

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book stand


Reading the textbook, you can write into a notebook or type it on the PCs. The bookstand helps your hands free.

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book clip


Do you feel the bookstand is volumious, or over the top? You can use the handy bookclip instead.

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info card

Information Card

Keep the idea to the memos as soon as you remember! The handwriting is proper in seemless memos to the diagrams.

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sticky note


Among various kind of post-it my favorite is this type.

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A smart way to use a mag-lite in your room.

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light dimmer

Light Dimmer

Light dimmer changes your glow-lights to gorgeous ones!

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